Chase Bittle 2 X State Champ, Fargo Qualifier

Jack Bond State Placer, Fargo Qualifier

Danny Braunagel 2 X State Champ, Fargo All-American 

Zach Braunagel 2 X State Champ, 3 X Fargo All-American

Jacob Bullock State Champ, Fargo All-American

Max Kristoff State Champ, Fargo All-American

Josh Koderhandt State Finalist, Fargo Qualifier

Luke Odom 2 X State Placer, Fargo All-American

Lloyd Reynolds State Placer, Fargo Qualifier

Noah Surtin State Champ, Fargo Champ

This is a good example of how the best guys in our area are making a decision to have consistent off-season training and it is helping them accomplish their goals