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New to the sport of wrestling? No worries!


Wrestling is an amazing journey and a GREAT way for young men and women to develop amazing life skills such as goal setting, discipline, accountability, mental toughness, self confidence, and humility.

The sport of wrestling is different than many team sports. It is very physical and personal.  Many of our young athletes struggle when they face the adversity of a loss, it is hard on them and it's hard for wrestlers to handle. Adversity is very good for them and an important life skill they will carry with them for the rest of their life. Our coaches work very hard to teach our athletes good sportsmanship and help them through the ups and downs the sport of wrestling and life will provide. 

Another great benefit of wrestling is there is NO equipment that needs to be purchased (unless of course you want). Not only do you not need to purchase any equipment there is no uniform to buy each year! At the end of the season, once the parent volunteer hours are fulfilled and the singlet is returned so will the deposit, typically during the months of April-May.

Since EWC is a non-profit organization and not supported financially by the Edwardsville School District in any way, we depend heavily upon our fundraisers. Our fundraisers are very simple and don't require you child to continually sell things. Which is a HUGE bonus!! Our fundraisers are in the form of our annual 5k event, the tournaments we host, and Edison's (the only fundraiser where we ask wrestlers to sell tickets).

Without parent volunteers we will not have successful fundraisers or a successful program. The deposit is an incentive to support our club and encourage volunteer participation at each of our events.

So rally up some runners for our 5k!! Check it out HERE

Singlets and headgear are only needed if your child plans to participate in a tournament. Both will be distributed at the very 1st tournament held and ONLY to those registered and paid for that tournament. If your child chooses to wait and participate in a tournament at a later date a singlet and headgear will be issued then upon a completed registration.

Wrestling shoes must be worn during all practices and tournaments. Street shoes will tear up the mats and reduce the life of our mats.  We are sympathetic to the fact children's feet grow quickly. We have shoes of various sizes wrestlers can borrow for the entire season.

The shoes do go quickly, especially the small sizes so if you plan to borrow a pair of shoes a great time to get them would be during one of our two Open House's we hold the 1st two weeks in October. Play it Again sports offers new/used shoes at reasonable prices should we not have your child's size. They will also be allowed to wrestle in there socks or bare feet if they do not have any shoes at the time of their 1st practice. 

**All items can be returned at the end of the season**





6 & under - $80 (their season is only November- December)
$55 for each additional wrestler per family
Required volunteer hours - 4 (per family)
There is a 2nd session available for the month of January for additional $20.
There is also a free in-house beginner's tournament for the wrestlers at the end of each session 

7-14 years old -  $155 for the first child in a family and $80 for each additional wrestler.   
Required volunteer hours - 8 (per family)

Breakdown of fees:
$45 pays for the USA wrestling card* 
$50 singlet deposit - only applicable to 7-14 age group 
Returned at the end of the season upon singlet return and completion of volunteer hours
$60 membership fee 

*The USA Wrestling Card is necessary in order to practice and wrestle in tournaments. 

A signed USA Wrestling Card form is required to complete EWC registration. If your wrestler is new to wrestling or has not wrestled in 2 years we please bring in a copy of their birth certificate.

Our website is now "mobile optimized" which means you can register your child for any event we have posted on the go from any mobile device. 

We encourage all parent's to utilize or online registration system. It will ensure we have all your child's important information on file as well as make it easier to sign him/her up for tournaments and other programs we host throughout the year. Payments can be made via credit or debit card as well as checking account. We also offer payment options online as well.

Registration still available! Click here

Regular Season will be available online soon!